Thursday, February 02, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Two! *updated*

Image for todayyyyyy *drum roll*

Fantabulous February day two ahoy!
Definition of FF: A month declared by ME to be blog-everyday month, and I shall be posting interesting photos, songs etc each day which YOU use as a stimulus to write an interesting blogpost.

Also, if you find something awesome to use as inspiration for the day, email it to me! You shall be duly given credit. :)
Send in your blogpost links to or if you're nice enough to add me on facebook then you could message it to me too. 
I shall be updating this post later today with my response to this^

My Post:
We live in a jar and think the lid is the sky, where it rains everyday and the winters make you rest your head in the crook of my neck. We live in a jar where our fingerprints slowly creep up the glass walls and the world outside looks foggy, grey and difficult. So we sleep in, in our tiny little jar full of wishes, sighs, dreams and notebooks full of tear stained pages.
We know nothing but this jar, our fragile home of love and kisses, a rose tinted shelter from everything else that could hurt us, break us. Not knowing makes us hopeful. Having no clue makes us  wholly oblivious. 
We're happy in this jar, that's essential.


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  1. That was beautiful!I was inspired,to say the least!I'll be writing something about it pretty soon(if not today) and will mention you on my blog then.
    P.S.I'm a new follower.Got to know about your blog from Meher of 'Translucid Graffiti' and now I can't stop reading!

  2. I really want to join, but absolutely brain dead at the moment :( !
    Maybe tomorrow I'll join :) Love the quote though

  3. I wrote too! It's on my blog :)

  4. @soumi - Thank you so so much! :) you made my day!

    @Blublubling - so you finally did write! :D


  5. Wow, this is interesting.
    I like the idea..I wanna join. Maybe tomorrow, but soon, very soon. Count me in! ;)

    Oh and by the way, your header is ah-mazing! I love it.

  6. Wow, thats something that made me wonder too :)
    I too will join you today :D

  7. very well written Kanika.. may v all b escape this jar and jump into the real world
    Will be looking forward to ur future posts..

    cheers! :)