Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day One! *updated*

Today's inspiration!
Everybody write a post using this as a stimulus. By the end of the day, I would've updated this post to add my own response, and all of you who join me today email me your blog links at so that I can share them here too :)

Don't worry about the whole month. You can write today and choose not to write tomorrow for various reasons. It's open. It's fun. It's fantabulous :)

Check back here by the evening! And send me your blog links! FO SHO!

My Post
I think I can tell you to stop smoking, since you've been doing that in my living room and everything smells of you now. Smoky and black, just like your shoes, lying haphazardly on the carpet in front of the sofa where you kick your feet up and take a quiet nap when you've had a long day. 
I think I can make you a different breakfast because you're getting sick of cereal. How does a fruit salad sound? Healthy and fresh. I'll stick to black coffee and watch you eat from the kitchen counter.
I think I can wait longer for you to realise I don't really care about basketball and football when you're hogging the remote. Romantic comedies aren't your thing, I'm aware. Maybe my tastes could change to suit you and your t.v. time. Maybe I'll just watch Desperate Housewives online and save you the trouble of having to explain to me why a penalty was offered to that guy who got tackled by three others.
I think I can make you fall in love with me again, I've been trying for a while but I need to try harder. Rekindle the passion, as they say, corny but I'm running out of ideas.


  1. Mentioned you in my blog :$

    & love what you have written !