Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unleash the Motherf*cking Fury

I've been feeling lost.

Been worried about internships, my grades (they're good, they've always been, yet I'm tense), and mostly about how a lot doesn't seem to matter to me at all, suddenly.

How I wish I could paint. There is so much happening inside my head I want to put down onto paper, but I always forget how to do justice to my thoughts. I want to write a long passage describing my dilemma, but I find I get distracted, mostly by shiny things with no body.

But all that for another insomiac night.

Diwita gave me an award :) and it requires some do-ing.

What a byootee.
a) thank and link back to the person who awarded you

Diwita, you are a gracious and kind human being. Thank you :) http://diwita.blogspot.in/

b) share seven things about yourself.

1. There is more truth on my blog than I share with most people.
2. I'm going to go on a diet. tomorrow. no, day after. soon...
3. I am a vicious grammar nazi.
4. Pottermore excited me only for the first five minutes.
5. I need a blanket/sheet when I sleep, even in summer.
6. I am very unsure about my work and applying for internships.
7. It is very difficult to conjure 7 things about yourself on demand, so I am slyly skipping the last.

c) award bloggers.

Okay then, let's see:

- Diwita at In My Words...
Checked out her blog just after she awarded me, she's a sweetheart and a great photographer in the making :) http://diwita.blogspot.in/

- Soumi at Sold-for-shoes-overweight-intellectual-dancer
She could be my best friend if she tried :P http://sold-for-shoes-overweight-intellectua.blogspot.in

- Vidhi at Fat Gulf Kid
My bro in late hours of the night :) http://chroniclesofchaddimanz.blogspot.in/

- I do, I do and ...Capturin' Life..
She's adorable, what else can I say! http://inthepourinrain.blogspot.in/

- Ruhani aat Hello There Machas,And Other Fisherwomen!=)
She's too bubbly for her own good :P http://ilikebigbuttsandicannotlie.blogspot.in/

d) tell them.

Doing that right now :)



  1. Hey, the way you described before the link really pleased me! :) Thank you so much, Kanika. And yes, I saw you. You're as beautiful as your name! :)

  2. Kanikaaaa! Thank you so mcuh! I'm honored! =D
    Too bubbly for my own good? Haha! =P