Monday, May 14, 2012

Everything that starts must end

Good things in my life are few are far in between. And being okay with that is one of the many realisations I will make as I grow up and leave teenage behind.

I sound like an old woman, and that's because I totally feel like one now.

Internship has begun, and these people are a tad bit stricter than I thought. Whether my work is over, I cannot leave before 6.30 (remember that I am here at 9 am) and sometime in all those hours of looking at my computer and asking for tea, I get bored.

I am now surprisingly proficient at computer Solitaire.

Okay getting back to my game work now.



  1. I can completely relate to that. Except this was my Solitaire (you can thank me later):

    Internships with nothing to do suck. But this is just the crummy beginning in the story of your career. It gets better :)

  2. heyy! i loove the change! an the header is absolutely amazing!
    andd i gave you an award! come see :)

    1. Areee! very much thanks to you.

  3. oh i love solitaire with music plugged in my ears.. such a timepass