Friday, May 25, 2012

Take Care

I was a good person today. I didn't get angry with anyone, I did all the chores I'm expected to do at home without any prompting for once, I listened to my boyfriend when he was angry and I let him yell at me out of frustration, and I was quiet and supportive.

I felt good, it's true. I don't know how long I'll have to consciously do it before it becomes a habit. One thing I have to say, I felt really happy for some reason when I did so. I had moments when I felt a retort on my lips but I swallowed it and smiled, and somehow that calmed me down. It's not a normal hyperactive joy I felt today. It's a calmer internal tranquility. This is good for me, I can tell. I can breathe slowly today without any stress. Who know being NICE could do that :P

There is one thing that still rankled through the facade I put up today, and that is when someone told me to "chill" when I was so very obviously 'chilling'. There is a special place in hell for people who say that in such situations.

I have to share one song today. It's just so addictive and it's stuck in my head. I will proceed to hear this and only this for the first proper 2-day weekend I have off in three weeks.

The video is really beautiful. And I have new found love for Drake. He's always seemed like a bit of a douche. If you hate this kinda music (and I thought I would hate it too) just forget that for about 4 minutes and listen to this song. It's really really great.


Love in happiness of a different kind,

p.s. name suggestions for illustration blog are welcome and DESPERATELY NEEDED!


  1. The video is beautiful although the music isn't really what I'd listen to.

    Making everyone else happy by making yourself unhappy isn't worth it.

    1. That's the thing...I wasn't unhappy. Strange, it was.

  2. hmm.. relationships sumtimes go that way..
    u soften up when d other is angry.. helps keep d balance..
    but it has to b both ways.. :)

    1. dunno if it'll ever be both ways. that's what sucks.

  3. You don't have to make people happy if you aren't in the first place. Make sure you smile and smile from the heart. It'll inspire others too. To be happy.

  4. Well, you have to keep doing the same thing for 21 consecutive days for it to become a habit, but I don't think being happy counts. Happiness comes from within, from the heart. And sweetie, you can never give something you don't have. You have to feel happy to make others happy.

    Ps, I love Drake. And I'd love to see you happy. ♥

    1. :) liz your comments are a delight! thank you for following and commenting ! <3

  5. =) Goooooooooood!

    Blasphemous Aesthete