Sunday, August 05, 2012

I'm allowed to be sappy sometimes.

To the glasses of Tang we shared on the terrace at midnight, talking quietly so that no one finds us,
To the little random gifts on my table and under my pillow, the ones that made me smile between tears,
To movie+pizza nights with the girls and loud game sessions with the boys,
To laughing at youtube videos and watching them so many times we can talk along,
To sharing a joke across class and trying to keep the giggles down,
To long text messages on occasions (which you always remember),
To sneaking out and doing shit we shouldn't have,
To getting drunk and high together and tripping on shit,
To gushing over crushes and getting over them,
To favorite songs that told you what I was going through,
To well-deserved and well-timed slaps in the face,
To sitting in silence together but still feeling like I told you everything,
To days and nights out and feeling so much together,
To never feeling lonely even if I'm miles away.

Happy friendship day, you idiots, I love you guys so much.


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  1. Happy Friendships day!

    Blasphemous Aesthete