Monday, October 01, 2012

We Will Be Changed


Let me share my state of mind and its uncertain nature in these photos. Literally, ten minutes apart.

I have long since given up trying to understand my brain.

One thing though. Few days ago, I was rightly slapped back into reality from the soulless abyss I was falling into. Ze boyfriend pulled me up, dusted me down, and gave me a talking to I most rightly deserved. No more cribbing and whining, I'm telling myself, I'm going to start spreading only sweetness and light.
It's very easy to make these pronouncements at 12.24 am when you know you can't sleep till at least 3. I'm not fretting at the thought though. I'm looking forward to it. There's something about the feeling...8tracks playlists in my ears, my fairy lights keeping me company at unearthly hours, and just me and Adobe Illustrator. It's therapeutic. And for a while it hadn't been. I'm happy it's here again. :)

Anywho, the good(er) news is, Akanksha (click here for her lovely blog) has bestowed me with this, and I need to do some things in order to receive it completely.

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back.
2. State 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger asked you.
4. Generate questions for people you want to award.
5. Inform them.

Okay, then.
1. Thank you Akanksha! You are very lovely and I hope you continue finding my blog worth your reading time :) linked back already! <3 p="p">

2. Seven Random Facts About Me
  • I've cut my own hair once out of frustration.
  • Most mornings I wake up with chai withdrawal; expecting me to be polite before my morning cuppa is widely considered futile.
  • I'm curently in the middle of reading 5 books. (Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Fountainhead, some random chick novel) Time isn't on my side. Come my two week Delhi vacation, and they'll all be crossed off my list.
  • I don't lend my earphones.
  • I've stopped lending books once they started coming back in terrible shape.
  • I follow too many TV shows at a time.
  • I procrastinate a LOT.
3. Akanksha's questions:
If you had a pig, what would you name it?-
I would name it Chamkili. (sparkly in Hindi)

How do you exert most energy? =P 
Sitting on my ass, watching Grey's Anatomy, eating Cheetos (I wish I could lose calories doing that, I would be invisible by now)

What do you think would happen if your dog ate your sunscreen?
Nothing really. I don't have a dog, I can try it out on my little sister and tell you :P

Why doesn't McDonald's sell hotdogs?

Do prison buses have emergency exits?
Ooh I love witty questions, sadly my answers never match up. But no, I guess not.

Why can't doughnuts be square?
There has to be some physics thing to this...
I googled it.
"It's to allow maximum capacity and less breakage when being filled by machine with a filling such as custard or jelly. A square doughnut would break at the corners and so would a triangular doughnut.And having a hole in the middle of the dough would increase the surface area of the dough to improve the texture when fried. Also, a round doughnut is the easiest to create when cooking because most types of dough round out when baked unless put into a special tray. The round doughnut is also much more appealing to the eye than a square or triangular matter how cool those would be :D
Also its easier to just roll the dough out...cut it and connect the two sides to make a circle.

And having a hole in the middle of the dough would
increase the surface area of the dough to improve the texture when fried."


Are children who acted in rated R movies allowed to see them?
Haha NO WAY. Rather, I hope not. But I'm sure during shooting they see way more than they bargained for anyway.

Does a postman deliver his own mail?
It's possible! Heck, that's awesome, his mail's never gonna get lost.

Why are the shoe sizes different for a man and a woman of the same height?
Biologically, women are smaller. It's an evolutionary thing.

Okay, can't get anymore crazier. Review my blog. =P
Akanksha! You are such a cute little person. Your posts are so much fun to read and I laugh out loud sometimes :) Just one tiny suggestion: the font size could be a tad smaller and have a subtler colour. Sorry! Graphic design student up in da hood :P

4. Oh no! My questions to you guys:

- Do you believe in miracles?
- What is the most beautiful place you've ever been in?
- Who is your favorite band/artist and why?
- Is 2012 really the end of the world?
- If you had to choose between travelling the entire world and going to the moon (money no bar) which     would you choose?
- What's the most delicious thing you've ever eaten?
- Review my blog :P (I LOVE THIS QUESTION)
- Lastly, in the words of Arthur Weasley, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?

5. Award people.

This is me being my uncharacteristically sweetness-and-light self.
Whoever is reading this post, you're awarded. Anyone who's feeling good about themselves today can choose to reward themselves for feeling good. And those who are on the dark side of things today, well, here's a pick-me-up, this award's yours :)

Going to post more soon!


  1. Hahahahah! You actually googled the doughnuts! =P
    You deserve it, babe. =)

  2. Congratulations.. :)

  3. Doughnuts are fried? O.o