Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1 AM and Diet Chips

Why do we dwell on the hurtful things, so much so that we have no space in our hearts and minds to dedicate to the good things? It's one of those human tendencies you promise yourself you'll break out of. To be able to find joy in the little stuff is a gift you are capable of receiving.

You know that people aren't nice so why waste time talking about exactly how un-nice they are? Spend that time lying down on your bed, staring at the ceiling and smiling when you think about your lunch and all its deliciousness. Take a walk with a camera and snap a photo of absolutely anything. Have impromptu 30-second dance marathons. Sit with friends who make you laugh.

Life is just too goddamn short to be angry with stupid people all the time. Wake up every morning with the drive to ignore them and concentrate on making each day extraordinary.

Stay lovely,

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