Monday, November 19, 2012

The Perils of Cold Water Bathing

Since I am an internet-less wench no longer, it is now time to rejoice, sit at home in my blanket and still able to stalk people on Facebook. All is well.

Now I can tell you what I've been thinking and feeling for so many days in the past.

First things first, cold water baths suck. As much courage as it takes to pour that first mug on your head,  remember that even if you assume you'll be proud of this later, your shivering hands (even once you're out of the bathroom and fully clothed) will fuck up your kajal-applying abilities. Don't do it.

Second, I am having a torrid love affair with paanipuri (or golguppa, if you're from that part of the country, or puchka if you're a purist). I've exclaimed in the midst of absolute food heaven that there is no wound that paanipuri cannot heal for me. Current (and future, if any) boyfriend(s), be happy that it takes just a ten rupee plate of these delicious little flavor bombs to make me smile.

Thirdly, I am learning to be a person who does not overthink, overcare, overeat, overcry, overfeel. It's working wonders, my days are turning out beautifully.

The only dark shroud in this world of good things is a tiny problem with my shift key (which I wouldn't give two shits about had I not possessed a mac) and sometimes it makes me so sad I want to cry. But then I get back into point-number-three mode and tell myself it's just a machine, albeit amazing.

I'm just really happy about small things these days. It makes everything a lot more beautiful.

Stay happy!


  1. Oh damn you sound all sparkly and pretty. Bleh. My life be the complete opposite at the moment.

    1. Oh no! Drink chai and wear socks and read. :)