Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beginning / End

Over the past week, I had to pack up my Bangalore life into cartons and suitcases. Somehow shut 4 years of memories & love and happiness and relationships into boxes and send them back home. And then I had to leave too.

Of course it did not hit me till the taxi driver called and asked for directions, & suddenly I was blubbering and tearing up over the phone. I spent 4 years waiting to leave this place and when I was at the end all I wanted was another day in that house, making maggi at 3 am and drinking quietly in the balcony so that our landlord wouldn't get to know and watching Friends with Ze Boyfriend while sitting on the same cartons I had just finished packing, holding his hand really tightly because I knew in a few hours I'd be too far away.

[it's not like I won't see him. I still have my final diploma project left to do, I just chose to do it in Delhi. I'll see him soon. :)]

I hated leaving, and last minute my friends decided to drop me to the airport; one showed up with his car, so the taxi left with other people with flights at the same time. I cried quietly all the way to the airport, I cried when I had to hug everyone, I cried when I got to the check-in counter (thinking about it right now is forming a lump in my throat) and I realised it was harder to leave Bangalore than it was to leave Delhi 4 years ago.

I've been home for a couple of days now. Sorry about the silence. Just lots of things to miss.

The very sweet Anjali has given me a blog award and it requires some do-ing; give me a day or two to adjust to all this upheaval and I'll be back. (:

Lots of love,


  1. I can imagine. Two years later, I'll be in the same place as you.
    The thought of it, tears me apart a bit.

  2. I know what you mean. I have a Srishti-Head living in my own house, my brother. He'd probably break his neck from all the nodding, had he read this post. :)

    Get used to Delhi, it's never too bad to have two places you can call home, though :)
    bohot sara pyaar.

  3. So when do you see him next?
    Welcome back to Delhi (I'm writing this from Bangalore, ironically).

    If you're going to come back to Bangalore, why did you need to pack up all your stuff? Would you come back only for a wee bit?

    I can imagine what leaving behind 4 years of Bangalore would feel like. But hopefully you will soon get busy in Delhi and not miss B'lore so much :)

    1. Hey. No i actually gotta come every month for project reviews but only for a couple of days each time. I'm actually leaving tomorrow, so I see him soon :)