Monday, June 17, 2013

Ho Hey!

Here I am, sitting with the lights off at 10 am because the cloudy skies and torrential downpour outside are exponentially beautiful this way (and I can ignore the thoughts of how much mud is being generated right now), sipping a steaming hot cup of sheer chaivery impatiently waiting for my flipkart orders to reach me, also sheepish because I know this post is LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG overdue.

Hello chaos and chaosmakers, I'm here finally, over the initial time-and-space-eating black hole called 'vacation', having gone for 2 separate holidays with my parents in the span of two weeks. I've been busy, in the way that being home after a long time makes you busy: sleeping, eating, sleeping, reading, eating, baking, sleeping. Hence the silence over here: I've either been asleep, or I've been sitting in some tiny village in Himachal Pradesh and staring at mountains.

I'm back for good.


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