Wednesday, December 18, 2013


After months of feeling like a shitty untalented prick of a person, endless tea cups and crying snivelling phone conversations with Ze Boyfriend, I'm typing this as a graduate!

*cue awkward dancing in a saree*

I cannot put into words the complete LACK OF STRESS in my body and mind. Can you imagine college being over? It feels surreal. No more late night texts to sleeping housemates asking them to wake me up the next day; no more end-of-the-month-broke-people-food like bread and butter; no more woefully staring at the Nutella jars on the supermarket shelf, wondering when you're going home next where Nutella is boundless.

Of course being at home has disadvantages too, like how much these 4 years are going to shape the way I think and how much I'll miss them, all the goddamn time. Not to mention the people.

Oh man.

Anyway I don't want to go down that road right now because where I am right now is the best feeling in the world, with these graduate idiots I call my friends.

This is just to say hi, Chaos, and to tell you I'm back, Professional Diploma in Visual Communication Design and all.



  1. Aha,all pro, I see. All the best, sweetie! Enjoy your lazy days. The madness called work would take over sooner than you realise.

  2. Congratulations woman! (like a month too late, but well..) Where have you been? Get back! :)

    1. :D im back, im back. fret not. soon.

  3. Congratulaaaaaaaaaaaations! :D

    Why have there not been any more posts since?!