Monday, February 13, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Thirteen! *updated*

Hey, happy pre valentines day :)

Inspiration for today is up there.

I'm so sorry for yesterday's absence. That post AND this will be updated by tonight. And please don't comment and leave your links, it's easier for me to remember then!

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My Post:
I saw her from the crack in the door, pulling at her sleeves as she sobbed. I had never seen her so distraught about anything, anyone. She was one of the calmest people I knew, till you came along.
Her favourite white loose knit sweater, with comforting super long sleeves and a warmth only she felt. It was nearly in tatters, falling apart at the seams, and each time she wore it she swore it was the last I would ever see of it. Yet whenever she thought of you, the sweater came out of the darkest recesses of her closet where she had guiltily stashed it after the last encounter.
I saw her from the crack in the door, cigarette boxes strewn all around her and closed kohl-rimmed eyes that were asleep but the tiredness was apparent. I crept in as quietly as I could and kissed her forehead, wondering if tomorrow she would wake up and wear you around her neck one more time.


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