Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Twenty Two! *updated*

Hai gais :)

Today's inspiration iiiiiiiiis *drum roll* :
Props to Ruhani for sending this in despite her boards and shit.

Email your blogpost links to and be back before 12 am today to read the updated post. Yesterday 7 people joined (I saw you, Vidhi <3) and I only hope today there are more :)
Tell your blogging friends! :P

My Post:
Tell me you hear it too. That eerie silence of my heart.
The stars are no measure how much I care for you, but you never ever believed me. Even when everything pointed to the most obvious of truths. Like twinkling witnesses of my heartbreak, they watched you as you slowly moved far away from all of my madness. Why did he do it? I'll never know. I'll never get to ask.
Hope chimes in my ears, and my eyes are as dry as a bone. Never again will I sit with you on lonely nights and while leaning against your head softly I will never ask you to be mine. 
Can you hear it too?

Little thing guys. Next time you tell someone about fantabulous february, mention my name. I'll feel better. :)



  1. Yaaay! I'm so cool yo B)
    But on a more serious note, I really don't know what to write for this one :-/

  2. this is gorgeous!

  3. @Ruhani The pic is amazing!

  4. Even I wrote about this picture. :)

  5. Ruhani,this picture not only satisfies the amateur(and sick)writer in me but also the dancer in me! I learnt a Contemporary choreography long back though I couldn't do the show finally but it was one of the transition steps that I was so in love with! It came after a lot of stunts and I literally felt my soul during it! I missed writing about it,damn Tata Photon and my expired anti-virus!:-(

  6. Woah! You're a contemporary dancer too? This picture reminded me of a routine too, I just couldn't get myself to write about it! This is one helluva freaky coincidence. I am loving this! =D